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All about the production of OVINATOR wrapping machines
Packaging machine with precisely processed construction

Precisely processed

„Simple and universally usable wrapping machine“ was the main idea with which the designers in the Slovak company W rent r. o. began work on the design of the wrapping machine OVINATOR.

Long-term development has succeeded in achieving a sophisticated design of the wrapping machine, with which it is possible to wrap in foil and cover with a wide range of shipments of various shapes and sizes.


wrapping machine

When designing the wrapping machine, emphasis was placed on low production costs and quality construction with a long service life at zero operating costs.

With its price, the OVINATOR wrapping machine is designed even for the smallest operations that want to effectively use the time of their employees when preparing shipments.

Affordable packaging machine
Packaging machine for the highest demands

the highest demands

The method of packing shipments with the OVINATOR wrapping machine can significantly speed up the shipping process.

The manual version will significantly simplify the packaging of shipments into foil, the motorized version will further increase the speed of packaging shipments and, thanks to suitable accessories, the OVINATOR wrapping machine will also dare to operate with a large number of shipments shipped daily.

About the manufacturer

The Slovak company W rent s. r. o., which operates on the European packaging technology market in the field of design, construction and service of professional automatic packaging systems and automatic packaging lines, is behind the design and production of OVINATOR wrapping machines.

The company’s production portfolio includes automatic strapping machines for strapping pallets, machines for horizontal wrapping into film and additional equipment for packaging lines or packaging stations.

In addition to its own production program, the company also cooperates with other global manufacturers in the packaging segment, thanks to which it is able to supply customers with an automatic packaging line or packaging system exactly according to specified requirements, by combining machines of its own design with packaging systems for other packaging methods. All this from design, through implementation to regular guaranteed service.