Wrap with film

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Securely wrapped shipment in film within a minute
Universal wrapping machine in manual or motorized design for fast wrapping of shipments in stretch film, without which you will not want to pack anymore!

Universal wrapping machine

Universal wrapping machine

The most important

Key features

The most important

Key features

You pack anything

The OVINATOR allows the packaging of cartons or objects of various shapes and sizes with a maximum diagonal of 880 or 1250 mm (depending on the design of the packaging circle).

High packaging speed

With the OVINATOR wrapping machine, you can pack a shipment in as little as 22 seconds with the manual version or even in 12 seconds with the motorized version of the machine.

Aesthetic and economical packaging of shipments

Thanks to the mechanical pre-tensioning of the film, the consignments wrapped with the wrapper have an aesthetically uniform appearance and you only consume the necessary amount of foil during packaging.

Affordable packaging machine

The OVINATOR was developed with an emphasis on long life and zero operating costs. Apart from the purchase of packaging material, you will not be surprised by any other expenses.

Max. diagonal of the packaged item880 or 1250 mm
Max. weight of packaged item70 kg
Noise< 70 dB
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz
Power requirement0.37 kW (motorized version)


Optional accessories for OVINATOR wrapping machines

Wrapping ring

The basic design of the packing ring with an outer diameter of 1050 mm can be replaced by a version with a larger diameter of 1400 mm for packing large consignments.
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Packaging table

Standard packaging table S for universal packaging of consignments and 4 other types of packaging tables for packaging of consignments of specific shape and size.
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Stretch film dispenser

The basic configuration of the packaging machine with a 250 mm wide stretch film unwinder can be adapted to a 125 or 500 mm wide stretch film unwinder.
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Bubble film dispenser

Possibility of expanding the packaging machine with a bubble film dispenser 250 or 500 mm wide for packaging consignments in bubble film.
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Adhesive tape dispenser

Possibility of expanding the packaging machine with an adhesive tape dispenser 50 or 75 mm wide for sealing consignments with adhesive tape.
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Stability pad

Possibility of anchoring and fixing the wrapping machine on a waterproof pad or directly to the floor.
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Roller conveyor

The extension of the wrapping machine with an input and output roller conveyor will simplify and streamline the handling of consignments.
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Choose a model according to the method of packaging

Packaging machine for manual packaging of packages and preparation of shipments

Manual wrapping of packages

from 1 390 €
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Motorized wrapping packages

from 2 390 €
Packaging machine for motorized packaging of tires and round shipments

Motorized wrapping tires and round shipments

from 3 140 €
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