Cookies policy

What are cookies and what is the reason for their use

This website requires the use of cookies in the visitor’s web browser for proper functionality. These are small text files stored directly in the visitor’s web browser, which are sent back to the appropriate server (if valid) each time they interact with this website as well as on the next visit.

We use the following types of cookies:

  1. First-party relational to ensure the proper functioning of the website (stored from the domain of this site, valid until the end of the session),
  2. First-party persistent to ensure the functionality of the website (stored from the domain of this website, with a time-limited validity),
  3. Third-party persistent to ensure the functionality of websites (cookies for YouTube, Facebook) and for traffic analysis (cookies for Google Analytics), the validity of which is defined by a third party.

Cookies are stored for a limited time and the data stored in them are anonymized and do not have the character of “personal data”.

Cookies are used for:

  • Improving the comfort of using this website (eg re-login based on a stored encrypted identifier)
  • ensuring the functionality of some parts of the web application (eg identification of a shopping or inquiry basket for an unauthenticated visitor),
  • traffic analysis or to store your SafeSearch preferences, which are used to select relevant ads.

Consent to the use of cookies

By using this website, you agree to the creation of cookies, which are created automatically on your device for the above purpose. The creation of cookies is also conditioned by the settings of the web browser, which usually has the creation of cookies enabled by default.

How to disable the use of cookies

You can disable the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser. In the settings you also have the option to delete all cookies that may have been created during previous visits to this website. For more information regarding the management of cookies, it is advisable to visit the website of the browser manufacturer, or contact your IT administrator with this request.

Please note that disabling cookies in your browser may limit the functionality of this website.